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We select quality ingredients for making a range of delicious Bomb Series Ball Candies, Center Filled Choco Candies and other products.

There are only a few things as comforting as sweet treats. Whether kids or adults, everyone loves delighting their appetites with mouthwatering chocolates and biscuits. At Anand Foods, we make it easier for you to select and order a range of Kids Candies, 2 in 1 Chocolate, Choco Butter Bits, Chocolate Coated Biscuits, You and Me Dhamaka Pouch and other great tasting products. Sweet, savory, indulgent and everything in between, our range is crafted with the choicest of ingredients and is infused with the goodness of unbeatable quality and taste. Looking for something to satiate your own cravings or sending goodies as tokens of love to your near and dear ones? Then we are here to help you find products in many flavors like chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch, fruity, etc., that would help you celebrate every occasion with fun and fervor.

Excellence is a big part of our brands, and we go all out to market products that look good and taste good. As a manufacturer and supplier, we ensure that our range of confectionery products reflects our winning combination of latest production methods, well-managed quality control techniques and unbeatable packaging standard. This is what has helped us attract new customers from various markets who come to us to try our products. With us, many have found their beloved brand of confectionery products and we could not have been happier. 

Our History 

We trace back our roots to 1973 when we began as Anand Products under the aegis of Late Shri Shrichandrai Ji Bajaj. Since then, we have given new wings to the Anand Group, even managing a sister concern named Shree Products to bolster our empire of sweet treats and delights.

In all these years, we have sustained a legacy of goodness that is truly inspiring. We have anchored our success in our values underlining the concept of Togetherness, Integrity, Trust and Excellence.

Our Brands

We keep an eye on the manufacturing, pricing, promotion and marketing of our products like Kids Candies, 2 in 1 Chocolate, Choco Butter Bits, Chocolate Coated Biscuits, You and Me Dhamaka Pouch, etc., so that we can serve goodness whenever it is needed. We are proud of catering to special needs of clients through our wide range of products that we sell under these popular brand names:

  • My Bite
  • Yash-G
  • My Imli
  • You & Me
  • Mr. Chocolate
  • Peturam

Future Aim

We are looking forward to profitable global expansion by selling our product brands in other markets in addition to India.

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